New Kickstarter Reward Inspired by Horoscope

I don’t usually pay too much attention to my horoscope (in The Prescribed Burn, Baba makes Veda read the horoscopes out loud to her), but today’s Twitter horoscope caught my attention. The first sentence began, “If you have been relying on others to support you recently, you may need to re-evaluate your plans…”. You can read more about my thoughts on this horoscope in my first Kickstarter update.

Basically, I decided to offer an extra reward to ALL backers, regardless of pledge amount, if I meet 50% of my goal by this Friday. If I can meet the goal, all backers will receive a free, never-before-seen supplementary e-book titled “Veda’s Guide to Living a Creatively Rich Life,” and it will include 10 tips from Veda herself. She’ll draw on experiences from the book to enlighten you.

So what are you waiting for? Pledge today and make sure everyone, including you, gets the free e-book!

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